Who We Are

UTM is a digital marketing agency that assists in managing your social media as well as your website by creating engaging content (photos, ads, commercials, etc.) in a way that boosts your online presence. This is all for a very low and cost effective price, especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs, who need to focus their time and energy more towards the business and customer interaction and less on promotion. Our goal is to help get more customers to your door by using the digital outlets and creative tools we have at our disposal. We assure that the work we do is affordable and high quality in order to achieve maximum results.

Content Creation

No need to worry about your photos, videos, flyers, or any other content any more! Our creators take that process off your hands and deliver high quality eye-catching material that is sure to capture your audience.


Booking, scheduling, business evaluations, setting up various accounts, we have you covered. We set up and implement different strategies based on the client’s needs.

Digital Marketing

From developing a marketing strategy to managing campaigns, we can handle all your marketing, social media, and advertising needs.

What We Do

  • 1. Assist in the branding of your company or organization 
  • 2. Develop a customized marketing plan that is specific to your business  
  • 3. Manage Social Media and other digital Outlets 
  • 4. Help create, edit, or manage your company content
  • 5. Assist in customer and audience engagement to increase revenue

Get in Touch

Reach out so we can work together to drive more customers to your products and services.

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Opening Hours

9:00 am – 5:00 pm
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